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Welcome to prayerfulliving.com
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[Mission statement] "Providing online resources, products and community for those seeking to live a prayer-based life, for spiritual growth, happiness and divine healing. We see the inspired Word of the Scriptures as the foundation for this prayer. We are an independent website, Christ-centered around the teachings of Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy and like-minded thinkers throughout the ages.'"

PrayerfulLiving.com is a grass-roots organization and is owned /operated by avid students of the Bible and Christian Science who have taken the "Class Instruction" course in Christian Science. We welcome your involvement. Feel free to email us.

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Spiritual Perspectives
Internet Radio

Listen to a radio interview:

LISTEN Scout Bartlett interview with Leide Lessa CSB
Sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Mill Valley, CA

Listen to recent episodes of this KEST radio program sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Mill Valley, CA and other Bay Area churches.audio archive
Prayerful Living Internet Radio
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Thoughts of Healing
LISTEN Latest episode: audio archive

Click on the titles below to listen. Click on "transcript" for full text of each episode:
Episode 24: Career Planning | Transcript
Episode 23: The Gnat and the Camel | Transcript
Episode 22: Think Highest | Transcript
Episode 21: The Metaphysics of Weather | Transcript
Episode 20: Connecting the Cross and Crown | Transcript
Episode 19: Instant Thought | Transcript
Episode 18: True Self-Hood | Transcript
Episode 17: The Divine Argument | Transcript
Episode 16: Body | Transcript
Episode 15: The Physical (Pt.2) | Transcript
Episode 14: The Physical (Pt.1) | Transcript
Episode 13: Being |
Episode 12: Healing Exchange | Transcript
Episode 11: Take the Measure of Evil and Destroy it | Transcript
Episode 10: Having and Have Not | Transcript
Episode 9: Rule of Sudden Dismissal and Sudden Replacement | Transcript
Episode 8: The Beatitudes | Transcript
Episode 7: Every Day | Transcript
Episode 6: No Fear Proccess in You | Transcript
Episode 5: No Delayed Healing | Transcript
Episode 4: God's Creatures | Trascript
Episode 3: Spiritual Agreement | Transcript
Episode 2: Turning to His Attributes | Transcript
Episode 1: The Mountain | Transcript

Healing Through Prayer
LISTEN Latest episode: audio archive
Episode 8: How does prayer heal the body?
Episode 7: Atonement or At-One-Ment with God
Episode 6: No Sympathy With Error
Episode 5: Separating the Tares and Wheat of our Thinking
Episode 4: Healing the Body
Episode 3: No False Believers
Episode 2: Live and Walk by Faith
Episode 1: Freedom from the past
Prayerful YoU
LISTEN Latest episode: audio archive
Our new program is coming!
LISTEN Latest episode» audio archive
Episode 1: "QUEENS and KINGS"
Related article on the Queens and Kings School»
60 Second Psalms
LISTEN Latest episode: audio archive
Episode 1: a compilation for verses from the Psalms paraphrasing the Lord's Prayer.
Episodes archive to come.

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Weekly Bible Notes Current Issue: Click here»

VIP PASS inspirational tools

VIP PASS Bible Study Resources

Study Topic: Love
July 27 - August 2, 2015

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General Study
Bible Character Notes by Marilyn and Mark Mohlenbrock

Bible Character Notes Bibliography

Bible Study Topic Songs - John London, compiled by Mark Mohlenbrock
Cedars Camps weekly Bible study metaphysical article
Excerpts from The Great Physician - Doug McCormick
Mary Baker Eddy's Scriptural References (to Bible citations in the weekly Bible Lesson) - Julie Roe
Morning Prayer Improv: musical meditations for remembrance Improvised sung quotations from The Bible and Science and Health (Mary Baker Eddy) - John Jones
Click here to access
Places in the Bible related to this week's Bible Study Topic - Mark Mohlenbrock
Pronunciation of selected words related to this week's Bible Study Topic - Mark Mohlenbrock
Selected Correlative References from the Christian Science Periodicals - Mark and Marilyn Mohlenbrock
(Exclusively for Weekly Bible Notes subscribers and VIP PASS PLUS: SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND members)
Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA) to Bible Lesson Study (formerly: A New Approach to Bible Lesson study)

Cumulative Glossary:
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download and print this file. Keep it handy as you are studying. (updated periodically)

Instructions: Click here» please download and read these first.

SCA Study File Archive: Click here»
Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA) eMail Discussion Group (current Lesson info posted here): Click here»
Spiritual Ideas (Monthly - June) from the weekly Bible Lesson - see how the Lesson ideas relate to each other - Trevor Leach CS
Summary Ideas Worksheet for this week's Bible Study Topic - ideas for your consideration each week - Trevor Leach CS
Translation Resources
"The Message" Paraphrase - Bible Verses for your weekly Bible study - Mark Mohlenbrock
New Living Translation - Bible Verses for your weekly Bible study - Linda Ellington
Parallel Bible Citations for your weekly Bible study (KJV, ESV, TEV) - Tom Gutnick
Translations of Bible verses for your weekly Bible study - Karenlee Mannerino CS
Sunday School Teaching Tools
Bible Coloring & Activitiy Booklets - Kim Myers
• Healing of the hemorrhagic woman - Luke 8
Pre-Readers Bible Teaching Guides  - Kim Myers
The Sunday School Teacher's Cookbook: "Recipes" for sharing  - D. Michael Day, coordinator
Sunday School Activity Sheet - Mary Kay West
not available this week
Sunday School Slide Show - Mary Kay West
not available this week
not available this week
Bible Lesson Search - Mary Kay West
not available this week
Sunday School Vocabulary - Mark Mohlenbrock
Grand & Noble Lives: Bible Lesson Notes (now designed for 6th and 7th grade level) - Mike Mooslin
Sunday School Workbook - Terry Ann Homan CS
We're looking for current or former Sunday School Teachers of the (JH, HS or College Class) to join our writing team, please email us for details»
Weekly Bible Study Jr. Crossword Puzzle and Word Search -
not available this week
Wordnot available this week
Weekly Cedars Camps PSST (Possible Sunday School Topics) (usually becomes available on Saturday)
Weekly Cedars Camps PYCL (Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas) (usually becomes available on Saturday)
Sunday School Letter (to HS Sunday School students) - Joan Packer Davis CS
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Weekly Bible Notes
Current issue
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Weekly Bible Notes Issue 31: July 27 - August 2, 2015
Color-coded Edition
Digest Edition
Composite Translations Document
Free Supplement *
Selected Correlative References from the CS Periodicals
Free Supplement **
* Exclusively for Weekly Bible Notes subscribers and VIP PASS PLUS: GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND members
** Exclusively for Weekly Bible Notes subscribers and VIP PASS PLUS: SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND members

PrayerfulLiving.com is an independent web site owned and operated
by students of the Bible and Christian Science who have taken the "Class Instruction" course in Christian Science. PrayerfulLiving.com is produced by Prayerful Living Publishing and is a grass-roots organization. We welcome your involvement. Direct site questions to Publisher. ©2004-2014 Mark Mohlenbrock   

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